3Fun is a location-based mobile online dating application available for iOS and Android devices. It is currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Netherlands, and several other countries, with over two million downloads. Users can choose between a free and a premium membership, and they can meet potential dates with the click of a button.

Threesomes dating app

A threesome relationship is a kind of relationship between two couples, facilitated by a third person. This type of relationship can be spontaneous or planned. Regardless of how the threesome comes about, many couples would like to meet a third person. The attraction that sparks in this relationship helps the group of three move in a playful way.

A threesomes dating app helps you find other people who share your interests. You can even chat for free. The app also lets you upload photos, and only show them to your matches. These dating apps work for both Android and iOS devices.

Privacy concerns

The 3fun app has some privacy concerns. The app can expose your personal information, including your gender, sexual orientation, and even geographic coordinates. While the company boasts that the app is secure, it isn’t completely foolproof. The server could also expose your private pictures. Nevertheless, the company has vowed to fix this vulnerability as quickly as possible.

There are a few steps you can take to mitigate these concerns. First, make sure your device is secure. 3fun has several security vulnerabilities that could allow snoopers to collect your personal information and blackmail you. Using an encrypted browser will protect you from this. In addition, 3fun has user-powered features that make profile information more secure, like blocking contacts.

Location data storage

The recent leak of location data from 3fun has the social networking site on the defensive. Although the company has limited its location data storage, the firm is still dealing with the fallout. Members’ location data and photos were exposed in the leak. 3fun is now working with researchers to fix the problem. The company also recommends users to be aware of the risks and options associated with location data storage.

Privacy and security are key concerns with 3Fun. The app does not encrypt traffic from the user’s device to its server. This means that ill-intentioned people could track and harass users. The app also lets others view private photos of 3Fun users. Researchers have claimed that it is very easy to track users in near real time.

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