The Flirtual app is a social VR dating app that allows users to meet people in a virtual reality (VR) environment. Users create an avatar, upload a photo, and write a brief bio. Then, they can chat with other users. The experience is safe, low-stress, and very fun. The app also allows users to customize the matchmaking system to meet other people in virtual worlds.

Flirtual’s members tend to be tech-savvy, in their 30s, and from the United States. The platform is increasingly popular with digital natives. Approximately 71% of Flirtual members are male. Users can also choose to identify as gay, bisexual, or straight. Users can also adjust the matchmaking weights to match their preferences.

The Flirtual app enables users to meet new virtual friends and even have speed dating events. While it may not be the first service of its kind, it offers several benefits. It matches users based on common interests, and can be used as an introduction for a real life relationship. Using the service will help users make new friends, and you may even end up with a lifelong love.

Flirtual users can use avatar photos to show their personalities. They can upload up to fifteen photos. They can also take personality tests to find compatible matches. For instance, they can take the Big 5 Personality Test to see which matches are similar to them. The results of these tests are not shared with other Flirtual users. Users can also “Forget” users they don’t like.

Flirtual’s creators have designed a virtual reality dating environment that matches users based on their interests. In addition, Flirtual makes it easy to arrange meeting in a VR space. The goal is to help people build meaningful relationships in a VR environment. As a result, the app is not a substitute for real life dating.

Flirtual’s popularity has been growing. The site has a wide demographic of users, mostly 18-30-olds. Around 50 percent of them identify as L.G.B.T.Q+. Users can explore their sexual identity in a safe environment. The app also provides a space for meeting up with potential partners.

Flirtual’s avatars allow users to meet new people without meeting them in person here is the link. While avatars are a fun way to show off, they can also make it easier for bad actors to trick others into thinking they are who they say they are. Furthermore, they can lure people into dating scams.

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