There are many reasons why dating a taller woman is no big deal, including the fact that she won’t impose arbitrary rules on you based on your height. She doesn’t treat you like a little girl, and will empower you instead. Here are the most important reasons to date a taller woman. No matter how shallow she may seem, she won’t waste your time.

TALLER WOMAN’s height doesn’t affect her personality

Dating a taller woman isn’t that bad. You can wear hoodies and share a hoodie with her, and you’ll never have to worry about losing your spot in the crowd. Taller women don’t necessarily have an inferiority complex, either. You’ll be able to enjoy the same things as a short girl, including humor.

Dating A Taller

Dating a taller woman can be much more fun than dating a shorter woman. Unlike most women, taller women are not a reflection of your height, so you can take her height into account and still find her attractive and fun to be around. Just remember that it’s more important to connect with her and enjoy her company, not her height.

While some women prefer taller men, some shorter women prefer shorter ones. Short men can be very jealous of short women, and they can react negatively to unrealistic expectations. To avoid being a victim of these short men, women often increase their preferences for height to reduce their chances of being approached by short men. And to keep the short guys from snatching up short women, men should avoid lying about their height.

Women will be more likely to like a man who doesn’t ask them their height or bra size. Don’t make fun of her height – it’s disgusting! But if you don’t make fun of her height, she’ll feel uncomfortable and a little awkward, so keep it light and friendly. She will love you more for being a gentleman.

Dating A Taller
Dating A Taller

Men should also be honest about their height – most women can tell when a guy is phony or trying too hard. A man who is frightened of being judged because of his height may be awkward and unattractive. Likewise, a tall guy may not want to get too intimate with a girl who doesn’t look his height.

She doesn’t make you feel like you’re just a little girl

The thing about dating a talker woman is that she will do everything in her power to win your heart. She will ask you to cancel your plans and pout when you can’t. She will also make you feel like a little girl if you ignore her constantly. If you’re a man, it can be hard to get through this phase.

Dating A Taller

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